Zoconut Intro and Demo

All-in-One, end-to-end Online Clinic Solution for Dietitians, Nutritionists and Health Coaches.

Zoconut is a technology company that works exclusively with Dietitians, Nutritionists and Health Coaches to help them realize full potential of their consultation business by going digital and global.

Watch the video below to know more about the company.

Some noticeable clients:

  • Qua Nutrition (led by Ryan Fernando)

  • Healthviser (led by Shreya Bansal)

  • Diet Clinic (led by Sheela Seharawat)

  • Nmami Life (led by Nmami Agarwal)

  • 500+ more

Product Overview (👇)

Highly specialised practice management and online clinic solution for Dietitians, Nutritionists and Health Coaches

We've covered you and your organization with an intuitive and user friendly software (web based) coupled with a Zoconut App (mobile app version of the software) so you can stay connected with your business even when you're on the go.

Then the e-Diet App is a state-of-the-art client facing application that you can use as your own to care for your clients 24 X 7 and automate all the repetitive data collection tasks.

You can go through the quick demo for all 3 components in the next 3 videos.

Demo Video 1/3: e-Diet App (👇)

e-Diet is a state-of-the-art consumer (dieter) facing mobile app on both Android and iOS that takes care of your dieters round the clock.

The video below is for the demo of e-Diet application, part of our offering as the dieter interface. This is what your clients will use to receive diet plans and communicate with their coach.

We also offer white-labeling as an option if you wish to have a separate application for yourself with customized branding and on-boarding flow as per your requirements.

Let's move on to the next video.

Demo Video 2/3: Zoconut Software (👇)

Zoconut software is the web version of the product for dietitians and health coaches. One solution you need to kiss all your problems good-bye.

The video below is for the demo of Zoconut Software. This is what you get as the business owner for yourself and your team. Capable to seamlessly enable teams of any size (freelancer to large companies) with every feature you can ever need.

Don't miss the mobile version of Zoconut in the next video.

Demo Video 3/3: Zoconut App (👇)

Zoconut App is going to be your new best friend. One App you need to stay on top of your every requirement to run your business.

The video below is for the demo of Zoconut App. This is the mobile app version of the highly coveted Zoconut software. This is the perfect everyday partner for dynamic businesses and teams. Its loaded with super useful features for your use. Watch the video below.

Bonus Addition (Your Personal Website + Blog) 👇



Most people don't have an online address! That is your Website! Chances are that you've either tried to build a website and your experience wasn't very good, or, you wish to build a great website. Check out the sample site.

Now, we've added a Fully Dynamic and Professionally designed Website + Blog to our product suite.

Features: ✅ Fully Dynamic: update/change content on your own ✅ Zero Hassle: no more disappointment or search for cheap developers ✅ Zero Risk: See exactly what you get before signing-up ✅ Sell Online: Accept payments in 100+ currencies through website by selling Plans/Packages online ✅ Integrated: All clients get automatically added to Zoconut Software and Mobile Apps. ✅ Instant Delivery, Go live in minutes, No WaitingPublish Blog Articles and promote yourself

Check out the sample site, here.

Pricing Details (Simple, Transparent, Value Based) 👇

Running a business is hard. Finding the right partners in your business is even more difficult. We are fortunate to be trusted technology partners for many many dietitians and business owners globally.

We use a highly coveted Credit Based System that ensures maximum transparency and scalability. We only get paid if you get paid. We work like partners with all our clients because growth motivation is aligned as can be seen by the pricing structure.

What is Credit Based System? Credit-Based System is a widely accepted SaaS billing method to ensure trust, transparency and scalable value creation for both parties. What is 1 credit equal to? 1 credit = 1 month diet plan per client/dieter = 1 month service per client/dieter For ex., Joe comes and buys a 3 months diet plan from you, then he pays the set fee and consumes 3 credits.

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Plan Name

Price (paid qly)


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INR 2999 pm

  • 75 credits / 3mo

  • 1 Users

  • All features and updates

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INR 4999 pm

  • 150 credits / 3mo

  • 3 Users

  • All features and updates

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INR 9499 pm

  • 300 credits /3mo

  • 5 Users

  • All featues and Updates

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INR 15999 pm

  • 600 credits / 3mo

  • Unlimited Users

  • All features and Updates

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